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... Hey Fiery, I married a schizophrenic knowing that he was ill. I was a single mom, totally in love. I thought I could help him. That did not work out, as his hallucinations, delusions, illusions, not only affected me but also my child. ... (15 replies)
... I joined this site when i first started dating my schizo boyfriend a year ago now, and i love him to pieces would not change him for the world. ... (15 replies)
... You believe in biological determinism? ... (11 replies)

... love factor and decide for yourself if the relationship is still worth it for you. My own experience with schizophrenia is that I let a former partner get away with pretty much everything based on his illness... ... (2 replies)
... It is possible for people with schizophrenia to have meaningful relationships, but only if they are taking their meds. ... (4 replies)
... I have schizophrenia but it is a very untypical type that baffles my doc quite often though he is sure of the diagnosis.. ... (15 replies)
... I agree with you wholeheartedly......Love, Love and More Love. My husband is the most adorable and loving man, unless he doesn't take his meds. ... (15 replies)
... number of past experiences that have hurt him, though I don't know the full story. His parents' relationship was troubled and he doesn't remember them expressing love for one another with the exception of a couple specific memories. ... (0 replies)
... My boyfriend of six months recently told me that he has hallucinations and suffers from paranoia. He's only 16 (I'm 15), but he's had these symptoms for about two years... although I'm one of the only people he's told. I'm not entirely sure if what he has is schizophrenia, but I've read up on a lot of the symptoms and they seem to correlate with what he's experiencing. He's... (15 replies)
... p i met my guy the other day im still pretty unsure about him he denies it but he does have schizophrenia it shows, right now, im not trying to ignore it but just take it all in i guess the same as you just trying to understand how severe he can get... ... (15 replies)
... I have had a friend with schizophrenia my sister is schizophrenic and I am in love with a girl who is schizophrenic. ... (2 replies)
... Do you know what medicines he's taking? I would hope that it's an atypical anti-psychotic and not a traditional anti-psychotic like Thorazine or Haldol, which pretty much makes the person a zombie... Actually, if your boyfriend seems emotionless at times, it's probably not all the medicine. A main negative symptom of schizophrenia (a non-psychotic symptom that is present even... (15 replies)
... Are there any non schizophrenics on this board who are dating someone with schizophrenia and if so, how did that relationship differ from other relationships? ... (15 replies)
... a tough twelve months. Last October I was posted to Beijing for work without my boyfriend and found the whole experience rather traumatic. Despite being fluent in Chinese, I spent my year in China feeling isolated, alone, stressed out and unable to connect with people. ... (1 replies)
... very sweet and not pushy and kind and cary. But, he doesnt show the "schizo" side. After reading about the condition, reading posts and this post in particular, I kind of feel as though I can not relate. ... (15 replies)
... l caring people I have ever met. The idea that schizophrenics may harm people is one of the biggests misconceptions about the illness. We have the media to thank in a large part for that. ... (15 replies)
... At the end of the day their isnt a clear anwer to any of the questions you asked. but if the love is strong then ur relationship should survie. ... (15 replies)
... Hi guys... I just signed up here and was browsing for a while... I am married to a man who is schizo - effective. I didn't know until he told me. He has his moments... we all do... sane or not. We've been together for four years... married for almost two of them. He is only heavily sedated medication but as long as he takes it, he's fine. I've always been there to be... (15 replies)
... I am needy and in need of love, but I wonder what price I am willing to pay. ... (15 replies)
... To Unaccounted4, I met my guy in a park in Virginia. He is 48 and I am 38. ... (15 replies)

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