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... people can have schizophrenia without experiencing hallucinations. ... (1 replies)
... Thank God. Not that, that is really a good thing. But Im so paranoid Im going crazy. OCD is my primary diagnosis (6 replies)
... Your answer, no. Lying is not a part of Schizophrenia. To me, yes, it sounds like you make things up to impress others or to look cool. ... (6 replies)

... Well, one night I got really stoned, and I know that this night was the night when the episode definitely began. I was lying in bed, listening to music, when all of a sudden, it felt like something tripped over in my mind. ... (5 replies)
... s a bit unfair. Saying stuff like that to people who are struggling to find out what is wrong with them is just unhealthy. My mother still doesn't think I have schizophrenia and every few weeks she reads up on a new illness that she is sure I have that explains my symptoms. ... (5 replies)
... i have talked to others with schizophrenia who feel similarly, and i'm just wondering if you guys have any experience with this? ... (5 replies)
... So, this has been going on for a while. I don't remember how long but it's not recent, it just hadn't occurred to me that it could be a serious issue until lately. In a day I'll be nineteen. So, first of all I'm paranoid. I recognize that I'm paranoid, but I still believe the thoughts and act upon them when necessary. Like my friends secretly don't want to talk to me, if... (1 replies)
... However, I wouldn't trust what anyone says here, not because they're lying or anything, but because your doctor would be able to give you more insight. Ask your doctor for more information on which subtype you have. ... (3 replies)
... Do you have any other compulsions. I'm diagnosed schizophrenic but it's under control with Zyprexa. I just need to remember to take it. But before my divorce my ex-wife noticed that I could not break from my daily pattern or I became very angry. Part of that is OCD. Although since I work in the food industry, washing my hands every 10 minutes is a good thing. But I've... (4 replies)
... I stopped going for therapy for my compulsion to cut my hair last year. It was my choice. I felt that I had nothing more to say and I felt very strongly that I was attention seeking/lying and that I could not trust my thoughts and feelings. I was told by a psychiatrist when I told several that I'd seen that I felt like this, that they thought I wasn't attention seeking and... (4 replies)
... This may sound dumb. But I lie a lot. LoL. To be honest. I think itís because I think my life is boring and I want to be liked more. But for a good example. Iíll be talking to someone in Maryland who I just met and wants to met me. We kind of had plans but Im nervous toÖ.but ok getting to the point. I work with a colleague who loves in Maryland so out the blue or I guess... (6 replies)
Aug 17, 2006
... That was very interesting and yes i would like to hear more it would make a good book. Anyways you cant just be schizophrenic one week then normal the next..schizophrenia is a chronic illness. So you couldnt have gone schizo..its quite possible you are bipolar with psychotic breaks...or just had a psychotic break. Hard to tell really but no you arent schizophrenic. To be... (13 replies)
... Hi I have been suspecting for sometime that my boyfriend is schizophrenic. since you stated that you are schizophrenic can you tell me what is like for you, when you see or feel or hear something that only you are able to see or hear, when people tell you that it really isn't there or you are just hearing things? I don't know what to say when he tells me about things he sees... (2 replies)
... then I went to bed. When I was lying down I felt sensations like a pin was caught in my tongue and my throat. I am going to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist to have this removed. ... (2 replies)
... I've been prescribed Seroquel (used primarily to treat Schizophrenia). But I am confused! I suffer major depression and anxiety, and have done so for several years. However, I have all the classic negative symptoms of SZ, and, while I am currently not experiencing any of the positive symptoms, I have had 2 episodes (1998 & 2000, the latter lasting 8-10 months), where I saw a... (1 replies)
... Every time I talk about what goes on in my head, I feel like I made it all up, like I'm lying about everything. And everyone knows it too. Everyone knows I'm lying. I'm not sure what to do about it. Can anyone help me at all? ... (1 replies)
... :(Iím struggling to cope with every day life because of lots of different things. I donít really know where to begin explaining my problems, as there are a lot and they donít all happen all of the time. I thought if I list them, and group them into there frequency it might make it clearer. The things that happen day to day: ē I canít make friends or keep friends, because I... (2 replies)
... Hey, i am going through similar things. I posted a topic here today, i can't really give much advice, but i think it's good that you are going to see a phy (i know the problems with healthcare in the uk, very slow!) I feel the same way, i feel i am lying, and i can't even trust myself fully. I think if you are ever really stuggling, go back to the doctors and explain how bad... (1 replies)
Aug 15, 2006
... The next day I went to work in the morning. As I was asking for things, I noticed that my fellow employees were lying to me. None of them were telling me the truth. I went to my supervisor and made him call the police. ... (13 replies)
... l illness. He quotes Dr. William Wirshing, a researcher and professor of psychiatry at UCLA who said recently to a room full of psychiatrists that "we have been lying to everyone for years concerning the chemical imbalance model. ... (5 replies)

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