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... do you have schizophrenia? Test yourself (3 replies)
... You can't test youself for need to go to a doctor. ... (3 replies)
... Exactly. The only way to know whether you are schizophrenic is to see a pdoc. dreams in neon Bipolar I - Rapid Cycling Schizoaffective Disorder - Bipolar Type (3 replies)

... That's right. How are you supposed to test yourself? ... (3 replies)
... phrenia" does not exist. What marijuana use can do is cause behavioral, emotional, and personality changes that are undesirable. If you research the diagnosis of schizophrenia from past to present you will see it encompasses everything a person can think, feel, or do that is undesirable at the time. ... (11 replies)
... gist, specializing in ADHD and had written books on ADHD, stated I had the most severe case he had ever seen without any learning disabilities. My most recent iq test reveals that I have an above average iq, which is around 140. ... (4 replies)
... PET and MRI scans look at organs in your body, so they have no way to test for schizophrenia. ... (1 replies)
... of the population on this test which she then ascribed these two symptoms to "extreme intelligence". ... (83 replies)
... round. I am on medication but the Psychiatrist that I went to on Monday didn't change the doses on my medication because he was afraid that it make my OCD and my Schizophrenia worse. He thinks that I have a mild case of Schizophrenia. ... (17 replies)
... The test also was on the verge of conversion disorder.....she said that luckily I didn't cross over to it.... ... (11 replies)
... Well, My nonverbal reasoning score was about 16 points higher than my verbal reasoning score when I took the OLSAT test at 11.8 years old. That is in stark contrast to a typical asperger's individual whose verbal score is almost always higher than the nonverbal score. ... (83 replies)
... So anyhowz... I don't know if I have schizophrenia or not, or what exactly is going on. ... (83 replies)
... Hey, wait.. There's a number of issues that go into the IQ measure. If your anxious at all, which your worry of having schizophrenia would no doubt have produced anxiety, you will score lower. That is true with almost every test. ... (74 replies)
... That must mean that I'm at a higher risk of developing schizophrenia then if I had scored above average. ... (74 replies)
... it is a sign. I'm not saying IT IS one, but the possibility is there, and in conjunction with all these other features, the possibility of it being a sign of schizophrenia jumps rather highly. ... (83 replies)
... or along time i ant been felling right, been asking for help everywhere i finley got some one i could talk to like realy talk.. any how the head doc gave me this test like 100 questens true or foulse colour in the dot.... the test came up with Bordline Schizophrenia. Now realy i dont no what this is. ... (3 replies)
... Hey, thanks and good luck on the AP calc test. Yes, it was AP Lang. I don't think it's depression because I'm not depressed and I would never kill myself. I will get checked out eventually. Maybe I'll bring it up during dinner today. One of your words was censored. I saw a large flash of white light in my peripheral vision in class today. I looked up immediately but no... (74 replies)
... oner and doctors had a meeting about me, and they decided that I don't have Schizophrenia. They said that most of my symptoms are OCD related, and they ordered a test done on my brain for my hallucinations. They thought that I'm having brain seizures when I'm having my hallucinations. ... (13 replies)
... riting...he has brought up bipolar...psychotic depression...which is what he first said it might be... and possibly schizophrenia...and at least according to the test that I took with my psychologist...whom I no longer see because she realized that she could not help me... ... (1 replies)
... T doesn't like to "label" people.....she just likes to treat the problems. I'm the one who asked to see test results again and wanted her to explain them to me. ... (11 replies)

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