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... Hi Jason, I do not have schizoprhrenia and I really don't know a whole lot about it except a good friend of mine has it and became violent and has been on medication for many years and is doing wonderfully. I am not saying this is what you have but from reading your post the best thing that you could do right now is go to your nearest hospital and talk to someone. Someone... (17 replies)
... easonably seem to carry an ordinary everyday conversation if my life depended on it, and I've been called "squirrely" or "eccentric" in the past, so I'm thinking schizoprhrenia may be a valid explanation. ... (83 replies)
... Hi Jason, Although I know very little about skitzophrenia, I don't think it sounds like you have in. I have OCD and this sounds really similar to some of the posts I've come across on those boards- the irrational want to hurt people and the way you don't think you would, but there's that horrible nagging doubt... I think maybe you should have a look at the posts on there... (17 replies)

... Sounds like drugs friend, and the chemicals at hair salons don't help. (17 replies)
... Jason the best thing for you to do is go to your doctor. You obviously have a serious problem that you can't let go by in hopes that it will go away. I work with people who have mental illness and I work with a lot of Schizophrenics. Are there voices telling you to do these horrible things? We can all sit here and tell you our opionions but unless we are doctors we can't... (17 replies)
... Hi, I have just read your post and first of all i want to say that I dont think you are schizophrenic but I do think you could be suffering from anxiety and as someone else pointed out, OCD. First of all, the shaking you are experiencing is a classic symptom of anxiety (I know as I have suffered from it myself). Also feeling paranoid can be because you are anxious and... (17 replies)
... Maybe you are deficient in Zinc? That can cause those symptoms, I recall about a kid with the imbalance who told his mom at the age of 5 that he was going to set her hand on fire and chop off her head. If you do supplement with it dont exceed 25mg, and it will take about 1-3 months to see improvement. Hope this helps Bronson (17 replies)
... It is definitely with out a doubt sounding big time like obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety and panic. Are you always worried? Do you feel you have to do things to protect yourself, or someone else from the harm your afraid of that seems to intrude on your everyday activities. Do you spend most of your time thinking about one thing, and never get any peace from it? ... (17 replies)
... Hello I'm new here and I think I might have schizophrenia but not sure. I just found out yesterday that both my bio. parents have it and that one of my blood sisters have it too. I'm 21 and about 4 or 5 months ago been heavily into religion going to church and everything. Sometimes I think I hear God talk to me or some divinie spirit talk to me andi s always walkign with... (17 replies)
... was just visiting the board (i really have to admit i know very little about this condition but my psychology teacher was talking about it today-thought i would do some research and find out a can learn more from the people who actually experience it than the researchers intextbooks sometimes :)) anyway yeah i have OCD, and i must agree with kid j-the thoughts of... (17 replies)
... jj it sounds to me like you have OCD & possibly Depersonalization/Derealization which are dissociation disorders. I believe that i have some OCD & DP/DR. You may want to do some research online and talk to your doctor about seeing a psychiatrist. Usually people who are schizophrenic, don't even know whats going on, they have hallucinations and hear things that aren't... (17 replies)
... I am writing this becouse i am rather concerned that i am developing a mild state of schitzophrenia. I have been studying the desease since my halucinations begun, and i know that they are in fact not normal, but i want to get a definite reply before i lable myself as having schitzophrenia. I have had unconstructed audio hallusinations were i have heard high pitched... (17 replies)
... It also sounds like OCD to me, too. (17 replies)
... Thank you guys and gals.. it means the world to me for you to respond..i will get help. im jsut scared i jsut lost my insurance.. again thanks.. and i will let you know how things go. thanks jason (17 replies)
... Jason, It doesn't sound like you would be diagnosed with schizophrenia. Like Jeff said, it sounds more like an obsessive compulsive disorder - OCD. It appears you have traced your problem back to the unfaithfulness and probably your fear of losing your wife and family. That fear and anxiety can play awful tricks on the mind. There is a lot of illegal drug use in bands. ... (17 replies)
... i have just read all of the above, and i would like to say this. I do not have schizophrenia, and do not pretend to know how you feel. however please dont expect people to be so freaked out by this, some will be of course, but not all. i have the deepest sympathy for sufferers, and would like to tell you i believe you are in fact stronger people than most 'normal' people, for... (17 replies)
... I to started to hear voices telling me to hurt my family and kill them. I started hallucinating and having dellusions. It was all very frightning to me. It was out of love and concern for my family that I sought out help. I contacted my dr and told him what was going on. He recommended a phyciatrist who due to the severity of the situation got me in that day. I was... (17 replies)
... Jason- Don't freak out just yet! I went through the same thing... If these thoughts come outta nowhere, and cause you much distress and anxiety, it sounds a lot like a type of OCD: purely obsessional OCD. I have this. In fact, I was where you are about two months ago. Many who suffer from OCD have unexplainable thoughts of harming loved ones, themselves, blasphemous... (17 replies)
... hi. this is really hard for me. but ill just throw it out there. 2 years ago everything was normal i was in a touring band i had my wife and kid at home. everything was grand. things with my wife started to go very bad cuz my unfaithfulness while i was out on the road. i worked at a hair salon with her when i wasnt touring. i started to get paranoid.. and then about 2 weeks... (17 replies)

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