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... In response to whether or not it's the seroquel causing the scary and weird thoughts, I think you should probably talk to your doctor about that. Also, I am on seroquel and on rare occasions that I actually do sleep, I have very vivid dreams and terrible nightmares. ... (1 replies)
... I just wanted to add that I have had "the dreams" on and off all of my life. Very vivid, very long dreams that seem more like full length movies. Most of the time I am traveling with a group of people and finding new places. ... (39 replies)
... I'm currently on seroquel for dealing with psychosis. Ever since I've been on 200mg. about half an hour later I get a huge adrenalin rush. ... (1 replies)

... I just started on seroquel and was taken off of risperdal. ... (39 replies)
... Oh my, I don't see how you guys are doing it. I'm on 400 mg of seroquel and I still have problems with paranoia and still can't sleep. I have a friend that's on 800 mg and he can't sleep either. ... (39 replies)
... Hi, AND WOW!!!!!! ... (39 replies)
... I have Bipolar Mood Disorder after I suffered from depression and anxiety. I've been on several different medications, Zoloft, Prozac, Remeron, Topomax etc but we could not find a suitable combination. ... (39 replies)
... I had the dreams before I started taking seroquel but only during my "open" periods..usually as i was coming down from my mania and before i got too depressed I felt like i was one with the universe. Now I take seroquel at 300 mg per night and yes the dreams have returned. ... (39 replies)
... (39 replies)
... Anyway, I was at rock bottom a few weeks ago and debating suicide when I decided to go get help. ... (39 replies)
... i posted this somewhere else but seroquel is a weirdo drug. and funny someone mentionned the weird dreams!!! i dont remember if i had them while on seroquel but when i forgot to take it i had the craziest dreams that made it hard to distinguish them from reality when i woke up. weird. and seroquel made me a zombie. ... (39 replies)
... psychotic drugs out there in the last 5 body just can't handle them. I've been put on Seroquel again...and have been on it for a year and a bit..on 150mg. If I go over that..I get painful heart murmurs and my eyes roll in weird ways. So 150 is safe. I still get that now n then.. ... (1 replies)
... I was taking Geodon, Seroquel and Abilify. Geodon and Seroquel didn't work. Also I had to stop taking Abilify because I couldn't sit still. But I have never taken Invega before. ... (13 replies)
... I was on it for a year and a bit... ... (3 replies)
... Hey sparkling dreams I dont have schizophenia but I do have very intense dreams that do seem to true which is actually what brought me to this sight. I just had the wierdest dream it was scary.... ... (39 replies)
... (39 replies)
... so in efforts to become a psychiatrist but I have been at my job for two years I'm a night janitor at a highschool I have been on abilify which caused twitching and extreme fatigue so after a few months and a seizure I switched to seroquel and I also take klonopin still as needed but m. ... (1 replies)
... Thx for replying 8800gts and dreams of neon. It was very appreciated. Yes I do often see those aliens and the bugs. I do get paranoid at times when I believe that an alien or the man with the knife is near by. Yes I have seen the movie a Beautiful Mind. Great movie! ... (12 replies)
Introducing myself
Jan 22, 2006
... I was dx paranoid schizophrenic about seven years ago, then changed to undifferentiated schizophrenia about two years after that. Most of this time was spent in and out of hospital. Sectioned, forcefed meds, released, stop taking the meds because the side effects were a little too devastating for me. ... (3 replies)
... I know what you mean about those dreams, arent they awesome! I think the seroquel does cause those dreams somehow, because ive been taking it for a few years now, and when i went off it for one night because i was down, i had extremely vivid dreams.. ... (39 replies)

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