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... I honestly don't see any symtoms of schizophrenia at all. ... (28 replies)
... hello mr x. what are the symtoms of schizophrenia? ... (12 replies)
At risk?
Nov 12, 2004
... Is one at risk for developing schizophrenia with these symptoms ? ... (13 replies)

Is denial normal
Jun 25, 2004
... The thyroid controls the hormones in the body and the metabolizing of calcium which is the major component of nerve and brain stability and harmony. This is a clue to a metabolic relationship between the body and the mind. ... (6 replies)
... Well to reply to what you were saying neon about whether I have catatonic schizophrenia. I don't think I do because I show symtoms of both paranoid and catatonic schizophrenia. ... (16 replies)
... years ago when I was 19. I had been a lot of drugs and then became very paranoid. I felt persecuted and as if I was being watched all the time. ... (21 replies)
Jan 11, 2006
... Wow Gatsby you nailed a lot of stuff on me there... I've been fighting with my self if it was OCD and thinking it might be that.. ... (3 replies)
... I did a lot of marijuana, which caused me to be quite paranoid, while I was stoned, and around strangers. ... (3 replies)
... here are my symtoms of the body hallucinations. ... (19 replies)
... ect medicene for Haldol! He hated it! They told him "you should not have any harsh side effects with Haldol and should only feel a little discomfort for a couple of hours or so..." RIGHT! ... (9 replies)
... Paranoia, but all of the same feelings you have. I go to the doctors with him and to the hospital if he is admitted so I can help convey the symtoms to the hospital people or to his doctor, otherwise they give him more meds and they treat him as if the illness is talking. ... (9 replies)
... Many people with OCD find that it alleviates the symptoms, but what about symtoms of psychosis and general schizophrenia and bipolar? ... (11 replies)
... to feel better and tried to link them together. I began to feel myself move away from what were seen as symtoms, then look back and think 'that is what was part of diagnosis'. As you recover on the meds you can see your mind behaving as it did before and that is seen as progress to being well. ... (21 replies)
... They don't know how long yet. We suspect he may have been feeling these symtoms since high school. Although it sounds way to early for someone his age. ... (9 replies)
... found one they were comfortable with. The other thing you could try is to do a search on the net for symtoms or tests for Bipolar, Schizophrenzia, Obessive Compulsive Disorder, Pychosis or other. ... (11 replies)
... I've never heard of smoking easing the symptoms of bipolar, but when you think about it, it does make sense. ... (11 replies)
Nov 4, 2006
... I have gone through many phases of thinking I had everything from dislexia to OCD. Now that I have been reading the symtoms for Schizophrenia, I have been thinking about it more and more. I really feel like I have many of the symptoms of this disease. ... (7 replies)
Dec 2, 2005
... first off, i'm not afraid of dying from taking risperdal because i'm already dying in my house from severe panic and depression symtoms, which is keeping me out of work and my social life sucks pretty bad too. Everyone thinks i'm lazy, which makes it worse. ... (7 replies)
... He's also on Risperdol for his positive symtoms, which is better and a lot less side effects of Haldol D. He takes 2mg tablets twice a day and I've seen a great improvement! Abilify didn't work here... ... (3 replies)
Is denial normal
May 9, 2004
... I have just recently been diagnosied with schizophrenia. Although I do realize that many of my symtoms have been covered on the board, I'm having trouble accepting the fact. The idea of being a parinoid schizophrenic is hard to swallow. ... (6 replies)

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