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[QUOTE=Terri D.]To: Blue Eyed Girl - I am referring to a vaginal orgasm which I understand is different from clitorial. Like yourself, I am able to have an orgasm thru intercourse if the clit is being stimultated; no problems there. I think what he is trying to achieve is strictly a vaginal orgasm without the clit being [B]touched[/B]. The internal kind. You said you have had a few. Which seems to be better?[/QUOTE]

A vaginal is [B]MUCH[/B] better. I have only had one or two. It lasts a little longer and is little more intense. Don't know how we did it, I guess he just hit the right spot at the right time. We never tried to do this, it just happened. I am happy with the clitoral orgasms.

I am a little confused. What do you mean by touched?

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