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From what I heard and read from women who talked about their orgasms it's like it's almost a spiritual experience and they moan and almost feel like going insane and then they shake all over the place + they can get as many orgasms as they want if they masturbate.
This is totally upsetting to me because for me (I'm male) my orgasms are a joke. They are not like how women describe them at all. Even if I try to masturbate and make it as intense as possible I never feel like moaning or shaking or going insane. I ask myself is this just me or are male orgasms simply not rewarding? I mean all I experience is the few seconds of twitching down there and that's it. :(
I feel like women simply have so much more concentrated nerves down there that men can't compete with this at all which I think isn't fair. I really envy women for being able to get such fantastic multiple orgasms. I heard of women who can get as many orgasms during masturbation as they want to and men can only orgasm once and that's it. :(

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