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... By the time semen hits your stomach, the sperm instantly die due to the acidity of your stomach... so women and men across the globe, REST EASY! It's still ok to swallow if you want. (11 replies)
... I LOVE swallowing - i love the taste, the texture, and how close it makes me feel to my bf... But the same thing happesn to me. If I swallow 'on an empty stomach' I get really sick... Have her eat something before doing it. (11 replies)
... OK LIZ...thanks a bunch for that visual..LOL LOL Hubbys across america arent gonna be happy about that!!! LOLL LOL (11 replies)

... it could be psycological too... she could be over thinking things... yick! little squiggley living things swimming in your stomach, trying to impregnate you and all they can do is try to attach to the lining of your stomach... and then die... and then you have little dead squiggley things floating in your stomach... dissolving... okay that just ruined any chances for my dh!;)... (11 replies)
... Are you taking any medications that might be causing her a stomachache? Drugs do pass through into semen and could theoretically upset her stomach even though it would be at VERY low levels. Just a thought??? (11 replies)
... I don't know about baby oil making someone sick but just a thought....I would stop using it and see what happens. I do know that it is not a good idea for you to have sex after you've applied it to your groin though because it is a oil based lube-bricant,that is,and should not be used near a woman's vagina,especially if you are using condoms because it will cause them to... (11 replies)
... Semen can vary in texture and taste. Sometimes it can be very acidity. Taste has to do with the type of foods you eat. If there is alot of acid in it, or is sour then i guess it could upset your stomach..............but usually there isnt really that much for it to be that big of a problem as far as a stomach ache. (11 replies)
... And you say ps. I have been putting baby oil on my groin area so it will be much softer and i was wondering if this would contribute to the problem. Try not using it for a couple of weeks :rolleyes: (11 replies)
... Semen is totally natural, and should not hurt her stomach. But babyoil, is not something to be consumed into the stomach, so I would be inclined to think it was that causing the problems. (11 replies)
... Baby oil on the outside has nothing to do with semen on the inside. (11 replies)
... Tell her not to swollow, problem solved!!!!!!!!!! (11 replies)
... Hello everyone, the person I am with sometimes goes down on me, but everytime that she does and swollows her stomach gets very upset later and i was wondering what could cause this? I was also wondering if i was to blame for this, because she used to do it for her old boyfriend and she never experienced a stomach ache when she did it for him. I hate her being in pain so if... (11 replies)

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