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... It's not as though ONLY men masterbate. Why do women masterbate? ... (48 replies)
... why does my man masterbate? ... (6 replies)
... It's very natural (I hope) and there may be a number or reasons sometimes. I go thru times when I masterbate 3 times a day (yes sometimes at work) and times when I don't for weeks. Sometimes it just to relieve stress ect. other times it just because you feel alittle naughty. My GF loves to hear about my particular times and also get excited to find them out which raises... (48 replies)

... I don't like to masterbate that often because each successive time decreases the sensation. ... (48 replies)
... i say let the man have his way with himself. its his body after all, who has the right to tell him he cant do such a thing or that its wrong. i masterbate alot and always have...never has it made my love for dh ebb...nor does he love me less when he does it. ... (48 replies)
... I am married to a man who likes to have sex 2 to 3 times a day (we have four children) and he still masterbates 3 or 4 times a day (if not more given the chance). He's sneaky about it and does it at work too. Is this normal? (48 replies)
... To the original poster. Masturbation is sex with no expectations! If I had never tried masturbation I would never have been able to show my man how to give me an orgasm(fortunately for me he doesn't do to well with his fingers so I use mine to show him where to put his tongue!LOL). I have to thank alot of the other posters for true but very hilarious posts. LMAO!!! I... (48 replies)
... Nothing wrong at are a man! I am 44 and still masterbate all the time despite having sex as well. I think it is just part of our nature and possibly conditioning since you first experimented with sex. ... (6 replies)
... myself, you've just met another one. I give it to my hubs morning, day and night. Thank goodness I'm healthy and willing. He can't afford to masterbate much and does it minimally now that he's getting up in age and orgasm comes harder than before. ... (48 replies)
... It is easy for a woman to open the legs and ask for more sex, but man cannot get an erection at will, and keep it up. Nature controls this, not the man. You might want tp try not embarrssing him with accusations. ... (19 replies)
... Why would you consider a man making such a request as valid? ... (50 replies)
... I personally would not dance around this issue, because it will undermine your self esteem and eventually your relationship. If he is not man enough to discuss this, or anything with you, that affects your relationship so deeply, then I would move on. ... (19 replies)
... ave to pretend to be "that different person" to get him sexually interested in her. That's implying that she isn't good enough the way she is and can only keep a man interested in her by pretending to be something she's not. I don't think every male feels his freedom impinged upon in this way. ... (19 replies)
... Hey, I think every man wants to enjoy some freedom and by relieving himself in the same way (as in sex with one partner) he is probably feeling restricted. So instead of cheating on you with someone else, he will masturbate to another person etc just to uphold that sense of manhood independence and drive from his youth days- this is just my opinion and personally how I... (19 replies)
... Great comments! I am now 44 and still masterbate every single night and sometime much more. It is totally natural. ... (6 replies)
... partner or not because the orgasm feels good. another reason i believe may be that maybe he has a higher sex drive than his partner. from a guys perspective, a man masturbates even if he has a partner because it helps with premature ejaculation and its just normal... ... (3 replies)
Do men masterbate
Oct 15, 2008
... Which has happened before, and which is why I can even offer a reply here. ... (5 replies)
... I guarantee you it does happen. Like I said I am a 25/f. I woke myself up during an orgasm and I was masterbating. Talk about a wake up call! HAHA! :D I am glad it doesnt happen regularly though because that would be embarassing! Like i said, maybe you two need to have sex more often, maybe it needs to be talked about. Maybe, wake him up when he starts to so that he... (32 replies)
... If my man did this, I would be horrified and appalled. ... (32 replies)
... on at the drop of a hat, why then, couldn't he maintain one when haveing sex with me? ... (39 replies)

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