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I am 19 years old boy, and I'm worried about what the heck is happening to my skin right now.

I think it all started with a small "bump" on skin of my testicles. After that I noticed my skin becoming itchy all around my arms and legs and even stomach. So, natural reaction. I scratched quite a lot. After a few days I noticed that there are quite a lot of small red-ish dots all over my arms. Later I noticed same kind of dots on my legs as well. (and also scartches from... well, scratching). Now almost a week has passed since I discovered the red-ish dots, and the situation is quite same except I have few more (like 3-4 total) of those "bumps" on the skin of my penis and testicles. (Not on the muscle or testicles themselves, just on the skin over them) and these harsh bumps between my fingers and on few random places that hold some kind of liquid inside them or something. Nothing is hurting. I'm focusing on not scratching anything but for example at night, I wake up scatching myself without even being aware of it. Also, there is a slight "acne-ish" spot on my right cheek but it's barely noticable and isn't itchy or doesn't hurt in any way.

There are moments when nothing is itching and everything seems fine but then I get itch to one spot for example arms or stomach or legs. And soon the itch goes to some other spot or goes away and returns later...

I have no idea what is happening to me and I really want to know how to treat it. I don't think I can take this mentally much longer.

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