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i woke up this morning after a night of drinking and was just itching all over like crazy. my face, my upper arms, my entire chest, my upper back, and my neck, which was the itchiest. now i have dry skin and everything, and it was an extremely cold night but really there is no reason why i could think i got this rash type thing.

so i was up for a little bit and noticed that there are red spots whereever it is itchy, so i took my shirt off and WOW, my entire chest is just absolutely covered in these random red spots. they arent really bumps but if i rub my finger over them i can feel them. the back of my upper arms are almost all red, and my neck just incredibly blotchy. my face has a million tiny red dots and i avoid scratching my face completely cuz i have acne as well.

another thing is, i have a terribly sore throat and have been on antibiotics for 2 weeks. the doctors said i dont have strep or mono, probably just a bacterial infection.

so my question is, i drank beer all last night, does that have anything to do with this, i have drank before with this sore throat and antibiotics, but not as much as last night, and what the hell can i do to get rid of this rash... ITS KILLING ME

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