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this started when I was 13.. it is mostly on the tops of my thighs, back of my upper arms (tricep) im 25 now and it has not gone away.. it doesent feel like anything, no pain, irritation, itc.. etc etc.. its just... THERE.. ive tried switching soaps and shampoos and all that good stuff that usually causes a rash.. if this is a rash..

the little red bumps as you can see are around the hairs.. from a few feet away it looks like lots of little red dots.. its very visable..

ive tried everything I can think of.. my family doctor told me its "one of those things" and not to be worried because its just a benign skin condition... and offered no other halp and told me a dermatologist appointment would yield no futher help.

my main question is WHAT IS IT? secondly.. how can i get rid of it? im sick of it and it doesent seem its going to go away.

in case its relevent, im 25, 6'1 200lbs and about 12-14% bodyfat

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