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[QUOTE=raspberry_dawn;3081242] I get these small bubbles on the sides of the tips of my fingers. They appear deep below the skin (that I can see) and then they slowly rise to the surface and break through the skin. For all I know they're just full of air, but when they break through the skin - the skin around the area gets really hard and broken. They appear probably 15 at a time...

I noticed these bumps on the outsides of my hands and in between most of my fingers. I first noticed them in highschool, about 10 years ago, and they have come and gone ever since then. I asked my Dr. and he said they were water bubble, and then he said something about me washing my hands too much and drying them out... dunno...

Recently, about a year or two ago, I had a cluster of them come up on the little muscle area between my thumb and index finger and I popped them all (like usual) and ever since then, I have had a spot of rough and discolored skin in it's place (about the size of a dime)

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