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Skin Problems Board Index first it started on the knuckle of my right hand middle finger. It was more like four bumps that didnt itchy but look very dry. They were the size of a sharpie fine point (the tip). Then it moved on to the inner side of that finger but they look like dry spots again they typically do not itch. Now, I have dry, hard skin at the base but to the left of the nail (at one point it had cracked). My biggest concerned now is that my index finger is now attracting the same thing but much lesser of the hard skin. Mostly there is smal blothces of red pin like dots, mostly on the inner side of the finger towards the top, close to the finger nail. Lastly, between the index and the middle finger (web area) I also began to form a superficial rash, it looks irritated and some what bumpy and sorta pink, and its creeping towards the top of my index finger. I dont know what else to add, does that sound right??? Can anyone help figure this out.
p.s. this started about 3 months ago and I had a doctor see it when it first came out on my knuckle, he quickly diagnosted it by saying it was just dry skin and suggested I use lots of unsented lotion. I have been and it has only gotten worst.

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