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Brief introduction to myself, then the elaboration, lol.

I'm 22 years old, i'm a bit on the hefty side, but have practically a clean bill of health other than having mild pcos, this rash, and being a a lil bit of a chunk still. The only things that i'm semi allergic to is pollen, via the occasional hay fever. To my known knowledge I have never had any product rashes/allergies, nor food rashes/allergies, not even med allergies/rashes. Have never had relations with anyone other than my husband. Heart disease, and alcoholism do run in my family. I doubt that'd pertain much to what it is that I have, but you never know, right? I have made minimal lifestyle changes other than moving. I'm also originally from Portland, Oregon, but I now reside in El Paso....drastic enviromental changes, lol. Wet, green sealevel, to dry, duster, high alt desert..Possibly it could relate to my problem..likesaid, you never know, lol.

Now on to the elaboration. Pretty long, but try to bare with me.

Nearly six years ago I moved from Portland to here (El Paso.) I did get some altitude sickenss from trying to adjust, and that lasted only about a month. Have had little to no health problems after that sans common cold, and mild seasonal flu, atleast, until 3 1/2 years ago. I started developing what appeared at the time to be acne around my left brow, and eye. Didn't think too much of it for a few days, until it started itching. Then it was thought to have been possible bug bites. After trying a couple things for bug bite treatment, over the counter products, home remedies, heck, I even tried the adolfs meat tenderizer method. Nothing took the itch out, and if anything it just kept getting worse. Well, I surely did. Before long, say maybe a month or two tops, it looked like a had a giant sideways J on my forehead. The sideways J consisted of swollen bumps, under the skin, aswell as the pores looking zit like with white heads. No puss or anything nasty ever came from them, just water, as if they were blocked/clocked from swollen pressure of some sort. The J was very red in colour, and was raised due to prior given detail. At about four months in it became a full circle that swept in, and down the corner of the eye, aswell as nose. Initial thought at that point was that it was ring worm, so very very carefully, I applied some liquid iodine as I've heard from several people in the family, aswell as outside the family, that that more often than not will help rid a person of ringworm. Tried this for about three months with no sign at all of it bettering, and without relief. At this point things really started to burn, instead of just itch. It was also around this time that I started noticing it start to develope on my right fore arm. If I was insured, or had the cash to pay out of pocket, I'd have went to the dermitologist at the first signs of it worsening from the start. Home remedies, and over the counter, albiet health foods, ointments, solutions, you name it, is pretty much all i could do, and still can do. My family, getting fairly concerned over my bizarre case, started saving the cash up for me to eventually go see a dermi, aswell as bought me a few natural treatment pills from swansons. They got me oregano oil, royal jelly, plain, and unadulterated sodium bicarbinate (baking soda,) and msm. Thinking it may not be ringworm, but some other form of fungal infection at this point. I started taking/using what they gave/bought me, and I felt terrible, but great at the same time. I would get really nauseaus after taking the above. If I didn't heeve it back up, i'd feel great, and practically itch/burnless. But the spots never deteriorated. Three months later (overall about 8 months passing from start to three months after taking these natural suppliments/pills what have you,) I found out that my husband, and I was infact going to have our first child. So I had to stop taking half of everything that I was. What ever it is that I have, turned absolutely merciless. It got about 5 times worse, spread literally all over my entire body, legs, my entire back, my entire face, my neck, both arms, both legs, even over the sexual organs. It was a full out body outbreak that burned so bad that I couldn't help but cry, and pray that I never got sleepy. It was so unbearable that I could hardly even lay down in my own bed, or lay anywhere. It got so bad that it actually seeped, and when it did, and dried, it was like a yellow crust in the pores. Eventually one of my family members suggested taking a baking soda bath to atleast hopefully alieviate some of the burn, and itching. It worked, but only temporary, meaning if i took one in the morning at 8, around 6pm it'd be missery again. BUt atleast it was something. Four months before actually having my child, I was able to get in to see the dermitologist finally. Clinton King to be exact. He scraped for "scales" in almost all the affected areas, then took them in for a look under the microscope. He came back saying that it was indeed fungal. Gave me a few skin creams, steroid free, and sent me on my way, as that was the best he could do given my being pregnant, and not being able to take internal prescription meds for it. Never once helped a bit, infact it seemed more like it made it worse. After trying the creams/ointments for three weeks, and feeling even more miserable, i said screw it, and suffered it out until my child was finally born. After my child was born, I straight away hammered back onto my natural suppliments, and found a bit of a tolerable balance again. I returned back to the dermi a month after properly returning to my natural daily regimine, and he tells me that I don't have a fungus, but I have eczema, he refused to mention if it was atopic or just what, just that it was eczema. Upon that he prescribed me more ointments this time having steroids, aswell as a cream. He recommended using sarna lotion with cerva lotion to help with the itching. Keeping with my suppliments still, and now using his prescribed creams/ointments it seemed like things were actually getting better. The areas shrunk in size, and in some places completely disipated, however the itch, and burn remained, and persisted. Thinking it might very well just be the ointments/creams doing the trick, I slowly started to ween myself from the natural supps because not only are they pricey as all heck, but hey, i'm just that smart too..slight sarcasm, lol. Well...that was a bad move, as after eventually cutting my doseage of supps in half it was back to being like it was durring my pregnancy, absolutely intolerable. Being fed up, I never went back to Mr.Kings dermi office, and began taking it fully into my own hands to figure out what this may be. I remembered though the possibillity in it being a fungus, so i ran with that. I found that being on a fairly harsh, but consistant diabetic diet can really reduce, muchless kill funguses off. So, I did just that, put myself on a diabetic diet, even though no one in my family, sans my husbands side has never had a history of diabeties. Low, and behold after a few months time I was really starting to come back to normal, and looking like me. I have returned to my full regimine of natural supps, aswell as maintained the diabetic diet for nearly a year now. While it has truely helped in almost every way possible, I still continue to suffer the problem. It's no longer rings though now. It's full aemeba looking blotches of burn, and itch now. Mostly over the nose, the chin, left shoulder, and the center of the back. No spot being any bigger than say the circumference of a baseball. The itch, and burn is reduced to being maybe 10-15% of what it formerly was, but it's still driving me ape. I do have some pictures in documentation of it, and scars to prove it, as I do admit to scratching a bit cause no matter how hard a want there was to not scratch, it just couldn't in the long run be helped.>_<

Anyways, the diabetic diet had been working, but it appears as though it's making it horrid come back. Over the last three weeks it has applified a bit. No one, not anyone at any hospital, no dermi that i've contacted, nothing on web md, no where has been able to tell me what the heck it is. If it genuinely was fungal, between the diabetic diet, aswell as antifungal natural supps i've been taking for a little over two years now (total,) I'm sure it'd have been killed off by now no matter how severe. o.o Atleast from what i've heard, and been able to comprehend.=\ I have never been bitten by flea nor tick in all my years to my knowledge. If I was, it'd literally have to have been in my sleep, lol. I'm at a complete loss on what this infact is, or muchless how to try to treat it or cure it anymore. If any of you guys could help out by giving me a lead, advice you name it...I would literally be eternally greatful, and all too appreciative.

Thanks in advance!



this was insanely long, I knows, and I am sorry. The timeline might seem choppy too, but I assure you it's been a three + year ongoing problem. There's been some high stress moments over the alotted time too...a few funerals, and financial crisises can skew some memories, ya know?

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