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Starting last year I've started to have some major skin problems. It started last summer with red places on certain areas of my body, like my thighs, my upper arms, and most of all, my hands. ((On top of my hands, on my palms, and in between my fingers (so hard to scratch!)). During the next few months it progressed to looking more rash-like, with tiny bumps spreading everywhere. I started to itch in more places, and it would now start forming randomly, anytime of day. That November I woke up scratching my hand and realized it was swollen and had huge bumps the size of quarters. I went to the hospital and the best they could come up with was that I was allergic to something. They asked me questions to help pin-point the source, but nothing sounded out of ordinary. They put me on some medication regardless, and it kept it down to a minimum. As of today and ever since last year, I've had this skin issue. Today I'm breaking out in Misquito-looking bumps EVERYWHERE! I can hardly stand it. The best I can do is take Benedril, but it seems to have no affect on it. I really doubt it's allergies, and now more concerned it could be a bigger issue. It's a daily thing, never going away, and it doesn't appear when I'm here or there, around something specific or anything. Suggestions? Comments?

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