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When I was a sophmore in college, I work up one morning and my face,back,chest,arms, were red I mean beet red and had bad acne, not really bad acne but just your typical acne. Anyway, its 8 years pass and (I am 28 years old and a male)the acne went away like 2 years ago, but the redness in my face, chest, and arms are still present, however slowly fading. I know this isnt acne roseasa, because its on my whole entire face and not just on my cheeks and chin, the redness is also on my arms and shoulders and chest, but again slowly fading. Do I need just to grow out of this or what. Am I just a late bloomer or something. Oh, also my lips are very red aswell, but that as deminish alot. Does anyone know what this is? Has anyone ever had this before?

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