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Sorry this is long but I am desperate for advice.

So on Monday I started to get itchy all over, (after having an oval sized pink itchy patch on my tummy for a week - herald patch?) by Tuesday it was terrible and by Wednesday it was unbearable. Had no marks on my bodyup to then. I made an emergency doctors appointment, he gave me antihistamines and antibiotics and took blood. When I got home I noticed some red, raised bumps on the tops of my arms. (Inside) Later on that day I slathered myself in Dermol emollient and that soothed it for about 10 minutes.

Anthistamines are not working (I don't think- I don't know if they're supposed to completely take away the itching because I'm still itching but not really as bad as before) although not actually scratching as much as I don't want to make it worse) and I've noticed lots more red bumpy bits on my body - tops of my thighs, behind my knees and tops of my arms. There's also some on my tummy. Today I bought some E45 and E45 anti itch cream. I've put it on twice and both times it's soothed the itching for about 30 mins.

I have no idea if this could be pityriasis rosea but looking online in does seem possible. Waiting on my blood test results but in the meantime just looking for some reassurance that this could be pityriasis rosea as I'm worried it could be something more serious ie kidney problems/liver problems. Looking at pityriasis rosea it does seem the most likely - it also says the rash gets worse after a bath and last night as soon as I got in the rash was bright red and angry looking. 2 mins after getting out it went back to a pale pink. I had an oval shaped pink itchy patch for about a week before I started itching all over and getting this rash I've got now. I have no marks or itching on my hands or between my fingers.

All the signs point to pityriasis rosea but like I say, I'm one of those people that will just worry and worry about something (in this case scabies) until I'm told otherwise

I've never felt anything like it, the itch is so intense.

Help, does it sound like scabies or pityriasis rosea?

Edit: another thing I've noticed is that it's worse when I've nothing to do like when I get home from work, or laying in bed, in the evenings. Today I spent hours cleaning and didn't itch at all really until I sat down and thought about it.

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