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23 Y/o Male
My girlfriend and I have had unprotected sex for around a month or two before she shipped out to basic training. I have not had sex with anyone for almost 9 months prior to her, and none after her. We would shower together in a dorm room (which isnt the cleanest thing to do) and use separate towels. She was a very active person, going to the gym almost every day in the college we attend before shipping out to basic.
After about a month of her being gone, I noticed (out of shower) I had around 10ish redish bumps under my belly button and in my pubic region. Being the zit popper I am, I decided to try to pop a few of these things. I was surprised at how easy they popped. No puss comes out, just a small white lump and then it bleeds rather quickly. (it is hard to tell the lump from a possible piece of skin) The bleeding usually lasts a minute. I clean the bleeding area with Isopropyl 70% alcohol and then wait for the bleeding to stop to get dressed.
During the next several days, I noticed the bumps migrating down towards my penis area. (possibly because I popped the earlier ones) Some of which are actually on the base of my shaft and others are going down between and on my groin and scrotum. These bumps do not hurt, but rather itch. This has been going on for around 2 1/2 months now. With no sign of clearing up. I have researched on Google desperately for answers and found that molluscum could be the culprit, however I never seemed to leave the bumps alone to notice a central depression forming. (I have left them alone since, but have not had enough time to see a central depression. Maybe at most what looks like a white head under the pink or flesh colored bump, but not raised like a head) This makes me very frightful that I could have contracted herpes-2 virus. I really pray that this isn't what is going on.
Just recently I noticed that the bumps were appearing in a reddish area in my groin, mostly on the left side of my scrotum and penis shaft with some popping up on other parts of the shaft (new ones pop up randomly in pubic area as well). Coincidentally, some mornings I wake up scratching the area that they have mostly spread to. It does itch quite a bit, but like I said, no pain, even with direct contact with fabric or fingers. (which I immediately wash hands). The most pain I have endured was a stinging from the area I've scratched open, while in the shower, which is very mild (as if you had scratched open a bug bite and the hot water came in contact). So far there has been no scabbing, except from a few of the small bumps I popped, then bled, then I allowed the blood to clot to stop the release of blood. I've read that herpes outbreaks usually last from 8-15 days and get less severe every time they come, but this seems to have stuck around for well over that.
The bumps that are on my penal shaft and scrotum/groin area have all been scratched (by mistake while sleeping) and have also received alcohol swabbing to clean in the last 3-4 days which is why they look so red and irritated. No puss or oozing as of yet, however the one cluster (size of dime or smaller on bottom of penis shaft) appears to have been multiple bumps at one time, and now appears to be healing from where I scratched them short of a week ago (turning a darker red). The one cluster on the shaft is what worries me of herpes, because of all of the eerie pictures online. Any help would be of great benifit! Thanks!
I have pictures available, but I am unable to attach files in this forum. Still to this day the bumps sprout up on or around my pubic area. No yellowish or puss filled bumps as of yet and no scabbing except from what I've described above.

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