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Hey all

Some info: 15 yr. old Chinese male (tan skin, black hair, brown eyes), moderate sun exposure over the years.

About 2 weeks ago discovered a brown spot on top of my right wrist. About a centimeter in diameter but not round. It was a very light brown, just slightly darker than skin color, but was "crusty". It wasn't completely "solid" in that it filled the whole area, because if you looked very closely at the skin, you could see tiny "blotches" of the brown crusty material on the natural tiny wrinkles of the skin, almost like dirt trapped in pores or something. Anyway, yesterday, I scratched at it, and the crusted skin was "peelable" and came off relatively easily. However, now the spot where it used to be is tender and purplish colored, and oozes some clear fluid. What can this be?


EDIT: Also, if it is skin cancer, is it possible for it to be scratched off like that? or does skin cancer appear as a mole which wouldn't be possible to scratch off with fingernails?

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