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ok well, i have moderate acne so i ALWAYS look at my facial skin. so i know i would have noticed this if it was always there or there for a while. but one day i looked in the mirror and noticed this brown squareish thing that appeared to be on top of my skin. it honestly looked like a peice of dirt or something. but it was so pronounced and almost glistening. the though tthat it was a mole or freckle didnt cross my mind because of how it looked. you know how moles and freckles like...are kind of dull and even when they arent they dont exactly look so... just like shiny almost. i cant describe it. so i ran my finger nail across it so see if it would come off. it didnt. it seemed like it was a peice of something, maybe like a splinter sorta, under the skin of my forehead. but not too far under i think. so i ran my finger nail across it a little harder, but not REAL REAL HARD or anything, and it came off. and it bled. it looked like a little tiny indent thing where the blood was coming from which made me think it was a scab that i picked. anyhow, now it is scabbing over with dry skin and blood and kinda of freaking me out. im gong to a derm soon and i will have her look at it i suppose. but im wondering do you have any ideas on what this could have been? and if it was a mole or a freckle can i actually cause cancer by having picked at it? or made it worse? or anything?

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