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had you gone to see the doctor after you noticed it was in your opinion (and that is the one that matters) larger? Don't be like me :nono: I stupidly waited till it was large,black and ugly (mr. mole) and now I had had to have biospy which came back malignant melanoma, then surgery to remove tons (I say TONS) of me and now am waiting for results to see if they indeed 'got it all' then a follow up of further treatment and a life time ban on the sun (I must shun the sun) not being a sun worshipper either but still wearing full protective clothing just from walking from the car say to the grocery store?

So I say if you are able to have it removed and checked. Only you can know if it has changed, and this is not something to play around with. And as a added feature to my tale.... neither my family doctor nor my plastic surgeon where I was sent to to have it removed in the first place, had any idea what so ever that it was a evil mr. mole. Both were shocked when the pathology came back, and next thing you know back into hospital went I for this surgery and six days after that, appointment at our cancer hospital in Toronto the waiting game continues.

BonBe :bouncing:

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