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Hi Bonnie Lea :wave:

Thanks for your concern. I think after only waiting about a week when I had the MM in 1998, I had expected the result a bit before now. I had a mole removed last year too & the result came back in 2 weeks. Looks like our NHS is really slowing down!

I just had the one MM but had lots of other moles chopped out before they grew up to be MMs. I was followed up every 3 months for 3 years & it was at one of the check ups that the dermatologist found a lump under my arm. I had a long wait of a month to see whether the lymph node was raised due to some other bodily infection (it was a long wait with me prodding my armpit every day to see if it had gone.) :rolleyes: I was in the operating theatre about 2 weeks after that as they suspected the MM had spread. Removed two large lymph nodes but thankfully no malignant cells were found.

I had thought it odd that if it was going to spread, it would go to the lymph nodes in my armpit rather than the nodes in my groin, as the MM had been on my leg. However, the doc told me that MM can travel anywhere & wouldn't necessarily go to the nearest set of nodes - wasn't very reassuring that!:(

Are you still getting bits of stitch coming through your scar? Glad to know your daughter is keeping an eye on all the bits you can't see. When I get out of the shower I put some moisturiser on the scar which still is a bit dry & crusty. It's a bit like being a contortionist but I can just about reach :)

If you're coming over here to walk on the hills you'll be needing wellie boots (do you call them gumboots?) and wet weather gear. Scotland is very soggy right now! We do have nasty things which penetrate the skin though - the dreaded midgies or midges (not sure of spelling.) You'd need to do a search to see what I mean :)

Best wishes.
Lidia :)

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