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Well Donna, in all honesty I as of yet have to come to grips with my nasty bout with MM. Yes my mole was not thought to be anything other than a ugly black lumpy black bean thing, yet it was not. Even going in for the excision biopsy not mad rush, until the results showed the worst case scenerio. Then things moved so fast my head spun (still is spinning) had major wide local excision (scar is 7 inches from shoulder to shoulder) and nice big dip in the back hahha small price to pay though, cos the margins which were wide were CLEAR.....

I have not learned to be nonchalant about it either. Of course this for me was just back in September so still fresh. I go to a cancer hospital every 3 months for 2 years, then every 6 months for 3 years then every year for rest of my life.

CT scans every six months if called for. (am due for my second one next month) It is scary.

I too do not wish to freak out and run to the doctor each time a mole appears or a skin tag (which I have plenty) darken, or a wee bump appears but it seems I will prob have to, as it must be made clear in our own minds we are ok. Right at the moment "quote" " As far as we can tell, you are disease free" yet they also in same breath tell me suspicious nodules were picked up from the CT scan in my chest!! so what the heck? I am running basically in automatic pilot these days.

I am sorry I cannot advise you, only to let yoj know that we are all feeling this way as well. Do not dread the future, deal with things as they come, lit may not ever get to the MM stage, for you, and just be vigilant in your checks on moles and bumps and things.


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