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Hm.... I wonder if they'd give me the cortisol shot now. These docs are SOOO pregnancy paranoid, even though I got the referral from my OB who assured me that local type stuff wouldn't hurt the baby. I barely convinced them to biopsy it now. They tried to make me wait til after I had the baby until another derm looked at it and said "Do it now!"

My arm hasn't healed yet. They told me arms don't generally scar as bad the back and neck. Apparently scarring on the back is always the worst for some reason. But this keloid on my back is driving me nuts. This one was from a small mole that had started bleeding and crusting (most likely just from injury. It was right at my bra strap line) but they took it off to check it b/c it was dysplastic. Anyway, the scar that's left is worse than the irritation of the mole!!!

Remember I said it's right on my bra line, and rubbed constantly. It's small, but raised WAY off my skin, red, and sensitive. This one was done several months ago. I think April or May. I'm sure the corstisol shot would help it, but it may be easier to wait til I have the baby to keep them from freaking out over it.

What is it with docs and pregnant women anyway? When I was pg the first time, I had a horrible abscess from a wisdom tooth complication that had my whole jaw, sinuses, and lymph nodes swollen and excrutiating. Despite the evidence that gum infection is a dangerous risk factor for preterm labor, I had to get my OB to call the dentist several times to get him to touch me! I know it's because this whole darn country has gone lawsuit and "blame game" crazy. It's annoying to those of us who are educated enough to know that all medical procedures carry risks and wouldn't sue for anything other than gross negligence. But anyway, that's my rant for the day! LOL. Sorry.

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