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Hello Sally of the moles.

Oh I just have to keep on chuckling for sure.... you asked about the surgery and such a large hunk of bonnie taken out. (FAT BACK) is better than lack'o'crack -

I do not know. On the WLE they also talk about skin grafts in cases of backs and arms, and tissue laden sections, they do that 'fold' so the incision is that shape (smiley mouth) name I believe is ellipse (something like that). You also mention you want to be put out. well there was never any question with me, it was a local for the biopsy (left a scar about 1.5 inches with 3 stitches), then the WLE was this 8 inch scar.

I was totally given a general anasthesia, as the surgery was 2 hours long. That comes with problems, as well. breathing tube down the throat, and even my eyelids were sticky from having them taped shut, (so I cannot peer at them I guess) haha It was in 'day surgery' meaning in the morning, (after fasting all night, as per general anathestic requirements - and I was picked up 8 hours or so later. Quite an adventure. But much easier than staying overnight in hospital.

Armed with drugs, for pain (did not really need much) I spent a leisurly few days being pampered and spoiled... then six days after that, I began my adventures with Princess Margaret (cancer hospital here in Toronto) where I will be with for ever I guess. MM sucks like I always say, and I am really praying for all it is worth (and I believe it is worth it) that your case is gentle, and all three of the moles are just that moles...plain simple and boring. But if you find you are not that way...... do never forget we are here, and I will prob always be here too.

Can we call yours a butt tuck? since you cannot have the tummy (which I think would hurt just as much)

Be brave...... I will post as soon as I have had my checking of the bonnie under scrutiny of bright lights - today I had my treatment for scar management, paid big bucks for some 'silicone gel pad that stays on (but removes for showers and baths) go see the doctor in 8 weeks, and hopefully the scar is flat and not sore.

Write often, it does indeed help both you and me and others.


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