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I'm a 15-year-old male and I'm concerned about a mole I have on my penis, on top at the left and near the base. I've had it for a while, I think (I'm really not sure how long), but just last night I started to get suspicious about it. I think it is showing some of the signs (the ABCDE's) of a cancerous mole according to websites I've read, but I'm not exactly sure. I looked at it under a magnifying glass today and noticed some things.

Before I tell someone about it and get it check out, I want to make sure it has a good chance of being cancerous. So, I'd appreciate it if someone can give me an opinion on these characteristics of the mole: it's smaller than a pencil eraser (I've read that pencil-eraser size is dangerous), probably about half or 1/3 the size of one; it seems to be symmetric, but looking at it under a magnifying glass, it doesn't look like a perfect circle; it is generally red/light brown but a small part (looks about 1/8 the size of the mole) on one side of the mole is raised slightly higher than the rest, black, and subsides into normal skin rather abruptly, while the opposite side subsides gradually; it is raised (I don't know if it always has been), and like I said, one side more than the other; it itches sometimes; it occasionally hurts slightly, and it feels mildly sore when I touch it.

The last two I'm basing off what I've experienced in less than 24 hours, so I don't know if the mole has always been itchy and sore.

Should I get this checked out? If it's cancerous I'd certainly like to get it removed, but I suppose it would be somewhat embarrassing, so I want to make sure.

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