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Hi as far as I know I dont have cancer, im 19 but i do have a few big moles on my back which i know might be a bad sign. I do like being in the sun and even use sunbeds sometimes. I also have blonde hair and blue eyes so am I more likely to get skin cancer? These moles do seem to be growing and im scared of what might happen. Also because of where i am i quite often scrape them by accident, once one had blood coming out or around it, could this also make them turn into cancer? should i get them removed?
How common is that serious form of skin cancer? I dont remember the name, it starts with 'M'? Is it rare to get that sort of the cancer or quite likely? Does my hair colour mean im more likely to get the deadly form or just skin cancer in general? My older sister had skin cancer at a young age so im scared i seem to be likely to get it because of my moles, hair colour etc. I feel for you all if you are suffering from this terrible disease.
Thanks for any advice.

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