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[quote]Originally posted by Common Sense Advocate:
[b]Hmmmmmm, surface-spreading Melanoma? Discharged over 2 years ago and no follow-ups???

Perhaps it is the Socialized Medicine - Or I am not absorbing the information correctly.

Can you tell me Lidia.... the surgery used to remove the melanoma on your thigh?

Melanoma is a killer because it does NOT stay contained in one area.... it metastasizes - - sends out tendrils / roots - to allow it to 'bloom' elsewhere... it is FAST and FURIOUS.... Surface carcinoma like Basel - do not 'spread' but Squamous does more closely resemble MM due to its INWARD growth.

Here in the states - I have heard the follow up is every 3 mos for the first few years after a successful early detection....

Sorry for the confusion on the term 'Blow Off'... it means to [i] ignore the need - or procrastinate [/i] on getting the tests done.

Melanoma spreads with speed.... for me ~ given the area of presentation (inner thigh) the obvious areas of concern would be colon, rectum, and all the organs in that immediate vicinity....

If your surgery did not entail deep and large amounts of tissue removal - then I am at a loss...Actually - - [b] I need to do more research [/b] on Surface Spreading MM.... I will try to do that this weekend.

One thing we do know about cancer ~ is once it hits ... the probability is vastly higher of hitting again.... and Melanoma is nothing to mess with.

Any info you can give me will help immensely Lidia...

Look forward to chatting with you later :)


Started a new one here as I was becoming a bit confused with the 50 replies on sunbeds [img][/img] Yes I was discharged over 2 years ago now but I had 3 years of 3 monthly follow-ups before I was discharged :) so the original melanoma was excised around 5 years ago.

What happened was that first the mole was removed by cutting a () around it then sewing up. That was done within days of me first seeing a doctor & the surgery was done by my general practitioner. Around 4 weeks later I had further surgery in hospital. Again a a () section was taken, this time much deeper & wider. No skin graft required because the inner thigh is fleshy so they can remove plenty of tissue.

Melanoma isn't always a killer Common Sense Advocate & it can stay in the one area without moving anywhere else. If you catch it quick enough you stand a very good chance of complete cure. Any melanoma less than 2mm thick once completely removed offers a very high cure rate. Once it takes hold though, yes you're right it can be a killer & it spreads fast.

When it spreads, it doesn't necessarily go to the next nearest organ. It sounds logical that if the melanoma was on my inner thigh, it might spread to the colon area. However, what it does when it spreads is get into the bloodstream via the lymph nodes then it can pop up anywhere else in the body. 2 years after my melanoma was removed, I found a lump under my armpit (enlarged lymph node). I questioned that if it was going to spread would it not first hit the lymph nodes in my groin? Nope, melanoma doesn't work like that - it pops up wherever it wants. I had 2 large nodes removed from my armpit - no sign of malignancy :) It was some reactionary thing to some other vague infection!

As far as I know there are 4 types of malignant melanoma.
Superficial Spreading Melanoma - the most common type of melanoma.
Nodular Melanoma - this can grow quite quickly.
Lentigo Maligna Melanoma - this type of melanoma is most commonly found on the face, particularly in older people. It grows slowly & may take several years to develop.
Acral Melanoma - this is usually found on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet or around the toenails.

Although melanoma can affect most parts of the body, the commonest site in women is on the legs, while in men it is more common on the trunk, particularly the back. You can even get melanoma of the eye but it's rare.

I've met a few people who have had melanomas, including the doctor who removed mine! We all lived to tell the tale thankfully. What I say to people is that if you have a mole which changes in size, shape, colour, is itching, crusting or bleeding - go see your doctor tomorrow. Don't wait to see if it changes more & don't put off. If you go now it might save your life.

Hope that explains things a bit better. I said somewhere in an earlier post that here in the UK the quality of melanoma follow-up seems to differ throughout the country. I've spoken to people who haven't had what I got - a good check over with a magnifying glass :) true! every 3 months for 3 years.

The debate about the sunbeds etc could go on forever but what I'd say to everyone is, whether you choose to use sunbeds or lie outdoors in the sun, please check your skin regularly for any moles or marks which look unusual & if you do find any, see your doctor pronto!

Lidia :)

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