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A Strange Mole
Nov 20, 2005
I don't make a habit of bothering people I don't know but I was wondering if you could help me assess whether it's worth bothering my doctor, I don't want to come across as paranoid.

I am very pale skinned (with blonde eyes and pale blue eyes) I never tan-I burn very easilly even with high factor suncream on. Because of this I always avoid the sun, and am definately not a sun-worshipper (nor ever have been). I have lots of moles all over my body that range in colour from whitey pink/skin coloured, to red, to dark brown) but one particular one that I would call 'unusual' however I don't know if it would be possible to have anything wrong with it due to my lack of sun exposure to the area-it is on the underside of my arm.

I've had it all my life but it has never been as large (I put this down to general growth-I'm now in my early twenties) however it is currently larger than a centimetre across and has a jagged edge all the way round and isn't even round/symetrical anymore (it used to be). At one end of the mole there is a section that has grown into almost a triangular point across my skin (this has developed within the last year). The entire mole is raised above the surface of my skin to about 2mm at the highest down to a smaller height at other points.

Colour wise it is mostly a pale brown colour but has parts that are darker brown (almost black) and parts that are a paler livery colour. In the surrounding area there are a couple of clear/skin shaded spots/scales I don't know if this is relevent but thought should mention it.

It sometimes is itchy, but overall I have little sensation in it at all, it is for the best part 'numb'. It's quite hard to the touch and could be seen to be crusty, the overall surface is bumpy.
I think thats about it.

Thank you for your time, sorry for bothering you.

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