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In June I got a really bad sunburn on my arms and neck. It was the beginning of the summer and I didn't think it was that hot out but it was!!!. I eventually healed after a couple of weeks in pain. A couple of weeks ago I had a rash on the back of my neck that appeared out of thin air. I don't remember getting bit by anything and I don't see a bite mark. I remeber being outside in the sun but it wasn't that hot out or to the point of me getting burnt but The funny part and the thing that is weird is, I used Hydrocortisone cream to heal the itching and that made it dry out. It keeps coming back though and I realized now that if I get in the sun and it hits that spot then in the next couple of hours I am right back to a raised red itchy small bump rash. I don't know what this is or where it may stem from. Any suggestions?

Oh and it is close to a mole. The redness is around the mole as well like a circle but when it starts to clear up the mole does too.

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