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Irregular Moles
Feb 7, 2007
I have quite a few smallish moles on my body. They are raised but not VERY raised, just enough to be able to feel them if you run your finger over it. They are a bit smaller than Cindy Crawford's mole, for an example. I notice that a lot of mine aren't perfectly shaped, but sometimes when I look up what a regular mole should be, they aren't absolutely perfect either. None look very strange and they are mostly round, but some aren't perfect or perfectly all the same color.

I have had these moles since I was a kid, and I do not notice any changes in them... if there was a problem, would I be seeing a change by now with many years? I check them often to see if I notice anything funny with them.. the only problem is that I had one mole on my back and I was scratching it, thinking it was a pimple and nearly picked it off! I do hope to be able to visit a dermatologist to get all of my moles checked.. I'm just not sure.. does insurance usually cover this? How much would it cost to get all of my moles looked at with insurance (an average)? I'm a part time working college student. I would like to get the one on my back (that I almost picked off) removed, but I'm sure I would have to pay for that one..

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