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Re: Painful Mole
Mar 13, 2008

I previously posted about a painful mole which I thought might have an ingrown hair. For a while it seemed to have been better, the pain was much less and the mole seemed to have shrunk in size, and was back to it's normal shade of pale pink. Now it is bright red, very painful and a bump/lump has grown beneath/next to it. It is very painful and I am sure it is probably an infection, but from what I don't know. Any home remedies to soothe it over while I wait for a Dr's visit? I don't have insurance (classic!) and I'm not about to get it either.

I have had twitching of my tongue on the left side, it feels almost thick, and it's a bit hard to speak when this happens every now and then. It's become more and more frequent. My left arm is becoming weaker it seems. I can't do much with it compared to my right arm without it becoming tight, in pain or just too weak to keep going. Such as working out, typing, holding the steering wheel. I also have some twitching in the hand, & I get a very strange sensation in the muscle that I can't explain.

Not every day, but often enough for me to notice, I feel as though I have forgotten how to swallow. Not me, but when I swallow, my throat seems to just stop working half way through and I choke. I can't explain that as much either, it's very strange. It's not as if the liquid/food has gone down the wrong tube, it's as if my throat just stops functioning half way through.

Any clues as to what the weakening of arm and twitching/trouble swallowing could be I would be very grateful. Thank you.


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