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[QUOTE=Shashi;3494993]Hi everyone,

I had a new mole which came up on my back about a year ago. Since it was in a location which I could only see with a mirror, I didn't think much about it until recently when I noticed that it had gotten larger. It was rather flat, but one side looked thicker. It was a very dark color (almost black) with a lighter color on one side and it was asymmetrical.

My doctor removed the mole on Tuesday. She first just shaved it off and put it in the specimen cup, but then I heard her tell the medical assistant that she was going to go deeper, so she carved quite a large area out around and beneath the mole.

Do you think that she might have seen something suspicious? Or was she just being thorough and my imagination is going nuts?[/QUOTE]

More than likely it fit one of the ABCDE's of skin cancer. Not saying that it is - I am just saying that it probably met one or more of the criteria. Be glad that he did that, it is the best way to do a biopsy. If you are concerned about a mole and it meets the ABCDE's of skin cancer - you should always insist on a "punch" biopsy. It sounds like you had a scoop biopsy. It is not usually done just to prevent it years from now. It helps to get a truer, clearer staging if it does happen to be cancerous. Typically if it is cancerous, you will have to have a WLE anyway so the biopsy is not a "removal" of the cancer. Hope that helps.
Let us know how it goes. :)

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