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Hi everyone,
I am new to this particular board. I have a question. I made an appt with my family doc for May 30 to get a brown mole removed on my back that itches sometimes. It's never changed in shape, size, color or symmetry and sometimes I think my hair bothers it as far as itching, but other times it just itches on it's own. In the last two months or maybe a little less, this red spot, what appears to look like a mole, has developed on my face and now it's starting to itch a lot. It has not gotten any bigger or changed since it developed. I do have eczema around the forehead and this is right at the top of the cheekbone. I'm going to have doctor address that one too on the May 30 visit, but I guess my question is, first, should I try and get the appt moved sooner and second, does this sound indicative of cancer?

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