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That's what I figured. The whole area is about the size of a dime (a bit bigger), because it is a bit red and the mole is within that area and is oblong. The sterioid cream he gave me has cleared up the scaliness but area is still reddish. So I am not sure if the whole area will be punched, or just the mole will be punched. I think he said it would have a couple of stitches so sounds minimal.

He initially gave me a long medical term meaning exzema for this area. I haven't had an exzema flare up for a few years now and was usually very minor but very itchy but this is not. I think he suspected I had been scratching it so I had to reassure him not the case.

Anyway, I've taken enough space here and do appreciate your helpful and quick reply. You probably understand the 'anticipation' of the whole thing. The biopsy is supposed to take 5 days.

Thank you Chele

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