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Hi Mandilynne, Im not a doc but i do have many moles on my body and have too become paranoid in the past. I have them everywhere, some small and some very large - they are in my family. I have also picked a few and made them bleed and scabby and i know its easy to say, but try not to - even if u have to put a plaster over it. When i had a few removed i was told that the signs to look for is when the mole no longer circular and kind of breaks/leaks out of its circular edges. It doesnt matter if it is raised or not (as i have many raised, but they are still circular).Also be aware of the colour. Has it changed?

I assume you are from the USA as you say you have to pay to see a dermatologist, but are you able to see just a normal doctor at a local medical centre or at a hospital - just so they can put your mind at rest.

All i can advise is that if you are really concerned about it being cancerous,then see any doctor you can as the earlier it can be dealt with (if cancerous) then the better the outcome.

Good luck.:)

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