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Thanks for the reply.

What kind of causes could this be in a hispanic person or person of color? it has grown in the past years, but I know other conditions can grow too.

Some information that I have found that seems to have its good sides and bad.

In her nail fold it is black as well on the part of the nail which I heard is Hutchinsons sign, Can there be other causes of that? Benign or anything else?

also I heard that for the main part of Malignant melanoma as mentioned before is on the big toe thumb nail or index finger and has blurred lines where the black/brown goes into the white. Hers is a perfect straight line with not much blur to it.

She also has no history of melanoma or any cancer and none of her family has any forms of cancer at all.

Last but not least, I heard most people with melanoma are 50 and older, she is 25.

So there are some things that worry me, even though most point to something else, but
my biggest question is the nail fold, what could cause this? or any black strip at all in the nail? We have an appointment with a dermatologist September 10th, which seems like forever at this moment. But time is passing by.

God Bless.

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