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Well, I'm not sure what the "patch" consists of, or why it concerns you. Is it rough, scabby, dark? Did it suddenly appear?

At 17 you are young, and your skin is still changing with regards to moles, freckles, etc. Actually, it is a good thing that you are checking your skin, and are concerned about things you might find that don't appear "normal!" However, it's going to be difficult for people here to be able to tell you what is going on, though chances are, it's probably nothing.

If this concerns you, I would really suggest seeing a doctor, as embarassing as that seems to you right now. I don't know if a same gender doctor would make you feel more comfortable, but I do know that doctors have heard it all and seen it all! And typically, a doctor would rather have you come in with something like this, even though it is a bit of a discomfort for you, than to have you ignore it because you feel it's too embarassing, and something bigger may develop.

Good luck to you!

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