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Re: Head mole
Feb 4, 2010
Hi Sue!

Well, not all moles are flat. I have a lot of moles/freckles, and more than a couple of the moles I have are slightly raised.

Melanoma usually follows the A B C D E's:

A - Asymetrical: Odd shaped, not round

B - Borders: Borders that are jagged, uneven

C - Color: Very dark, black, sometimes a tint of blue or white will appear in the center

D - Dimension: Large in size, 1/4" or larger

E - Elevated: Raised or bumpy surface

Now, unfortunately, regular moles or atypical moles may also exihibit some of these traits as well. However, if you have a mole that has some or all of these characteristics, or is changing in some way, or is itching, or is bleeding you should see a physician. And, as is always my advice, if you are in any way concerned, see a physician - only you know your body as well as you do. Only you understand those "gut" responses that sense if something is "off."

Good luck!

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