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I have a number of moles that are touching/grown together. And I've had a melanoma removed as well. I do regular skin checks, and I keep an eye on all the moles I have, but the ones that have grown together do not really concern me if they are not changing. I did ask my derm about them, and she looked at them but wasn't concerned. Moles sometimes do touch or grow together. You have to remember what creates a mole - it's the pigment in the skin - and sometimes those cluster of pigmented cells can be that close together.

Yes, definitely have your doctor take a look at it. If you are a risk for skin cancer (fair skinned, lots of exposure to sun/tanning beds, have a lot of moles, any bad sunburns in your life) you can insist on having it biopsied. Some docs will do that at your urging (at least here in the US). Or, you can ask to see a derm. However, if you aren't really at risk for skin cancer, I would suggest keeping watch and see if there are any other changes. (Each individual should be doing monthly skin checks in the privacy of their home, anyway!)

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