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White spot on mole
Jun 21, 2010
Hi, I'm really worried about melanoma...I am pale and have a lot of moles. I only found out what melanoma was a few months ago and ever since then it's been making me feel really paranoid, but I guess that's good because I always check my moles really carefully now.

Anyway, about a month ago, a mole under my arm got really itchy, and at the same time a white spot appeared on a freckle lower down my arm. I went to the doctor and he said the itchiness under my arm was because of a fungal infection from shaving, gave me some cream to sort it out and now the itching has pretty much gone away. He said there was nothing to worry about the white spot on the freckle because it was just a freckle. Then he checked all my other moles, including one that looks a bit weird. It's always been kind of heart shaped, and there's a white patch on that too, but I can't remember if it's always been there or not :confused:

The thing is my doctor didn't seem that concerned about it and said just come back if there's any changes to them...but if that mole is heart shaped (not round) and not all one colour (with the white spot in the middle) doesn't this mean it's cancerous and should be removed? :(

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