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Last spring, my doctor removed a precancerous mole that was on my back. She assured me that I did not need to have extra frequent screenings or anything like that.

I have a lot of moles but even more freckles. (I'm fair with dark blond hair and green eyes as well as a childhood filled with a number of sunburns.)

Anyway, a couple of months ago, I noticed that a mole (or perhaps a large freckle) started to look different. It looked darker and even a bit sunken. Then, about two or three weeks ago, it began to grow both higher and larger and became more red. It's gotten considerably more noticeable in just the last few days. It's not itchy and I've not scratched it or anything.

It doesn't really look as dark as most of the melanoma photos on the web, but my hairdresser had a very similar looking spot on her leg removed, and much to the doctor's surprise, it WAS melanoma and they had to go in and remove a much larger amount of tissue to make sure they got it all.

So... I am thinking I should call the doctor, as it's definitely making me nervous.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.


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