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Hey everyone. For the longest time I have had a lot more moles on my left shoulder than my right. Some are light while others are dark. They kind of vary in shape as well but most of them are round. A few have a couple of shades of brown in them. I am a Caucasian also.

When I was younger, I spent a lot of time outdoors and a little time in a tanning booth. I was always getting a sunburn on my shoulders. I know that sunburns increase the risk of skin cancer.

As for other problems I have with my skin, I have had numerous cysts on my body including a couple of hard ones that my doctor said are caused by a cell wall forming from some sort of injury. I had surgery done in 2008 on my left underarm to remove a large sebaceous cyst that was getting infected a lot. It was never determined if it was cancerous or not though I do not think it was. The doctor said she did not think it involved my lymph node though she was not sure.

I have what appears to be constantly scaly skin on my left elbow in a small patch and occasional scaly skin on my scalp. Psoriasis runs in my family. I also frequently get skin infections.

Does anyone here think I should see a dermatologist? I know the answer is probably obvious but I am just not sure.

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