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Note I have a lot of brown moles. Have had several removed which my GP says "they came back fine". ( Every member of my immediate family has had moles removed). I noticed that a couple small skin tags have appeared on my body as well but this one is new. It is growing since the last I noticed it was really small and it's definitely bigger.

I am having conflict with my Dr over another issue and been looking for another family Dr here in BC but no luck. He basically thinks I am a hypochondriac I think because numerous things have caused me pain this year (bone pain, stiff hands and feet, rib cage pain in one side, rib pain when breathing in) but says blood and xray came back fine so just get some extra exercise. Grr.

Anyhow, another odd pop up is the mole...Not overly concerned-just want to see what you think it could be from, or?

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