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Hello all,

I am curious what the risk factor is for a large mole to be cancer. I am awaiting results from a biopsy I had done yesterday, and unfortunately searching the internet a lot. All things seem to indicate to me that moles 7mm are pretty much certainly melanoma.

Mine was a 7mm mole on my back that I've had for years. It has recently grown, I'm not sure how quickly because I haven't watched it for a couple years and recently had a baby who I am still breastfeeding (he is 8 months old). It had a tiny lump on it that I don't remember always feeling there.

I saw a PA, not a doctor, at a family practice. He said that the mole was symmetrical, but very large at 7mm and was the largest he's removed. He said it had color variation and a rough border, an overall "strange appearance".

I've read many horror stories and I'm so worried I'm living in a nightmare from which I can't escape now. I have my infant son and a nine year old daughter and want nothing more than to watch them grow and to be here to be their mother.

Right now I can't even drag myself to school today. My son is napping and I'm sitting here crying / feeling sick with my back in terrible pain from the biopsy. Please let me know if anyone has experience with large moles like this.

It was also my ONLY mole. Does that make it more of a melanoma risk?

Thank you. :confused:

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