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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post on this forum and I guess I'm using it as a vent.

I am 22 years old and caucasian. I have had a 3mm brown pigmented band on my left thumb nail (I'm left handed) for a couple of years but cant pinpoint exactly how long its been there. I never really paid much attention to it but as time went by and it didnt disappear, i became concerned as to what it was. I think it has got slightly wide over time and it grows continually with my nail from the cuticle to the very end of the nail.

I mentioned it to two different docs over the past year and got told it was nothing to worry about. I had looked online though and knew the literature suggested it could be subungual melanoma.

Back in September I went to the docs again because I decided I needed to find out what it was once and for all. They finally referred me to the hospital for a biopsy. I had an appointment with dermatology and then an appointment with plastic surgery.

Yesterday, I had the excisional nail bed biopsy done. The surgeon told me that the nail bed was discoloured into the matrix and so was the underside of nail. He said he wasnt overly concerned but also didnt know what it was. He didnt say there was a mole or anything in the matrix. ??

I now have a huge bandage on my thumb and cant really use my hand at the moment as it is quite painful. Bit inconvenient what with me being left handed.

I have to wait 7-10 days for the results.

I have to go back next Wednesday to have the dressing changed and he said hopefully he will have the results back by then.

Im just really worried. There are factors for and against; I dont show hutchinsons sign, I am caucasian and younger than the normal age for subungual melanoma. But the band does seem to grown wider over time and not really any other explanation as to what it could other than melanonychia striata which is really rare in caucasians. I have dark hair and very fair skin and never tan so it seems odd that melanin could just appear in my thumb nail. I dont get it.

I am praying to god that it isnt subungual melanoma, but even if it isnt I just dont understand what else it could be.

Waiting for the results is the the worst part. Has anyone else been through this?

Thanks for your patience and any help you can give. Apologies for the long post.

Kerri x

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