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Hmm? Cancer or not?
Oct 21, 2011
I have a mole almost squarely between my tatas that continuously gets aggravated. I want to post a picture (and I will later) but wanted some opinions first. I am getting it removed Wednesday but really want some input.

The good aspects:

It is uniform in color- dark brown
It has been raised my whole life and my grandmother has a ton of them, non of which were ever cancerous
It is 'almost' perfectly symmetric but has a couple 'raised' spots that make it asymmetrical in a 'way' (you'll see later in the picture)
I have dark brown eyes
Nobody in my family has ever had any type of skin cancer
It's exactly the size of a pencil eraser (or 6mm)

The bads

I have red hair!
I have fair skin!
The mole gets aggravated because of the location and is red and sometimes crusty around it (if its been aggravated)
I am pregnant and it has gotten a bit larger (which I heard can happen during pregnancy)
So currently around it is red and aggravated... ? :-/ It doesn't *look* like other cancerous moles I've, ragged, angry looking...but who knows.

Thanks :-)

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