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Black Mole on Head
Jul 17, 2012
On the 3rd July I had a black mole removed from my right side of my head, the area was cauterised stop the bleeding. I am still waiting on my biopsy results, the lab still has them. I have been suffering from major depression and have beeen hospitalised recently for thi. Since the mole was removed, I have had headaches and feel pressure all over my head. The wound is healing but is very sore around this area. I'm worried, any advise please.
It sounds like your headaches are due to stress to be honest or even allergies. My fiance gets head pressure when he doesn't get enough sleep or when his allergies kick up. Stress can also give you those types of headaches, so you should try and just breath :) - I know it can be hard though!

For it to be sore is very normal! Some places are more sensitive than others and it sounds like yours was in a sensitive spot. My foot one hurt a lot more than the ones on my back :). Along with the one that was on my thigh (I think that hurt the most!). As long as you keep it clean and it's not creating any puss or signs of infection, you should be fine!

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